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Cleaning Service

Get a germ-free and pristine-looking office or commercial building to invite a neat and clean environment.

DNA Cleaning Solutions offers an extensive range of cleaning services. We cover cleaning services in Slough and nearby areas. Our team of janitors is highly train to provide reliable and professional cleaning services.

Deep cleaning in London and other cleaning services in Greater London covers to give a clean and healthy environment. A clean environment allows people to breathe healthily. DNA Cleaning Solutions is a professional and reliable cleaning company in the United Kingdom. The janitors are trained with their specific skills and abilities. Our janitors never let the customers get disappointed and lower our reputation. whatever business you own, we offer and help you to get unlimited and unprecedented cleaning services.


Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services involve;

Office Cleaning:

We at DNA Cleaning Solutions clean offices efficiently. We know that employees’ productivity depends upon a neat and clean environment. Healthy and productive employees contribute to the growth and success of the business. As well as we help you to get a clean and healthy environment for staff and the company’s growth.

Medical Centers & Practices:

Medical Centers are associate with millions of germs. Cleaning of Medical Centers and practices is important because we at DNA Cleaning Solutions care for the patients and medical staff present in hospitals and medical centers. We know that germs spread vastly and the health of medical staff matters a lot for the safety of patients.

Schools and Academies:

The health of children matters because they are the future of the world. We cover the cleaning of schools and academies because we understand that these places are a symbol of success and great opportunities. Clean educational institutes can help teachers give a bright future to students and help students find effective learning systems.

Freight and Airside Cargo:

We have specialized and trained staff in all kinds of industries. As well as we have trained janitors to give cleaning services for freight and airside cargo. We offer Heathrow Cleaning services and other airports with deep cleaning.

Windows & Facades:

We have janitors trained with their personalized skills and experiences. Window and facade cleaning is not a simple task, it requires a proper understanding of efficient sprays and cleaners. Our janitors excel in making windows and façades clean and shiny. The janitors or cleaners use special precautions and cleaners to make windows spotless and shiny.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning:

Millions of germs and bacteria reside in carpets and rugs. Commercial buildings are the areas with high foot traffic and germs. You can never imagine the number of germs residing in a single carpet. We at DNA Cleaning Solutions help people get a clean and breathable room with spotless carpet. We have specialised carpet cleaners who use new methods and tools to make the carpets spotless. As well as we train them with advance technologies use for cleaning carpets, rugs, and mats.

Washroom Services:

Washroom cleaning services require special attention and consideration. Clean washrooms can give a good impression on the clients and visitors. We have efficient washroom cleaners who make sure to use disinfectant cleaners and sanitizers. As well as we help customers to get their commercial building washrooms clean and germ-free. We use good-quality and efficient cleaning material for deep cleaning of washrooms.

Sanitizing, Fogging & Misting:

Sanitization helps the environment to remain dust and dirt-free. That’s eliminates all the germs and bacteria from the place. Fogging and misting are types of sanitization which are acquired by our experienced janitors to make offices clean and healthy workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do you manage to let the office staff not get distracted?

We at DNA Cleaning Solutions have professional and smart janitors who are train in their skills. Our janitors make sure to not let the office employees get disturbed or distracted with their routine work.

  1. Are there any advance techniques you use for cleaning?

Yes, fogging and misting are two advanced techniques of sanitization opted by DNA Cleaning Solutions.

  1. How do you give deep cleaning services?

We do not wait for an off day at the office, our cleaners give deep cleaning services on working days as well. But depending upon the depth of cleaning required, our janitors sometimes choose an off day to move and clean things more effectively.

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