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Whether you are a small or large business, we have the cleaning service to suit all your needs.

DNA Cleaning Solutions is blessed to have unlimited medical cleaning facilities. We ensure that medical facilities and centres get proper and deep cleaning on a daily basis. As well as we also have experts in cleaning medical equipment and centres. We ensure CQC requirements and satisfy the visitors at medical centres. Medical Centre Cleaning in Greater London by DNA Cleaning Solutions is affordable and budget-friendly.

We clean medical centres, dentistry clinics, surgical centres, and hospitals. DNA Cleaning Solutions considers CQC specifications and necessary requirements of hospitals, nurses’ rooms, operation rooms, and treatment rooms. The size of the medical centre does not matter to us. We make sure to manage and meet all medical cleaning requirements. The medical cleaning services by DNA Cleaning Solutions are not limited. We give doctors surgery cleaning in London efficiently.

We have expert and trained medical centre cleaners. Our staff incorporates high-level maintenance and arrangements. They know that medical centres require extra care and attention which is why they make a list of daily cleaning and maintenance tasks. Regular and efficient cleaning of medical centres and hospitals satisfies the inspection and audit processes. This involves infection control and germs elimination.

Our full service includes as standard:

  • Enhanced DBS Checked Staff
  • Daily Schedules and CQC tick lists
  • Clocking in system for staff monitoring
  • Full Color Coded equipment and staff training
  • Monthly management audits for improvements and additional needs

Why Medical Cleaning is Important?

DNA Cleaning Solutions knows that high-standard cleaning of clinics and hospitals is important. We know that the health and well-being of doctors, patients, visitors, and other staff members is important. This promotes healthy and clean habits among people present in the hospital and prevents the spread of disease. Clean medical centres and hospitals show the reliability and effectiveness of cleaning companies. Our workers know that cleaning medical centres keep away all the diseases from doctors and staff of the hospital.

Management of Medical Cleaning Services

Our janitors know that hospitals and clinics need cleaning all the time. They make sure to clean hospitals from morning to evening after each hour or several minutes. The trusted team of janitors and their supervisor divide the duties and working hours when they have to clean hospitals. Our services are cost-effective and budget-friendly. The cleaners use high-standard and high-quality disinfectants and sanitizers for cleaning medical equipment and surgical operators.

Why DNA Cleaning Solution?

We are experienced experts in giving the best medical centre cleaning in Slough or wherever your clinic is located in the United Kingdom. We give top-class and high-quality cleaning services at competitive and affordable prices. As well as, we guarantee to give a hundred percent customer satisfaction rate and feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What measurements do the janitors use to clean medical equipment?

Our janitors are trained to use updated and advanced sanitization products and tools. We keep them updated with new techniques and tools introduced in the cleaning industry.

  1. How do you manage all the time cleaning in hospitals?

We have a team of janitors under the supervision of an expert supervisor who divides the tasks and responsibilities among the medical cleaners. They also divide the hours of duty.

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