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DNA Cleaning Solutions uses the latest trends and technologies to give exceptional cleaning services and we use various methods of disinfection and elimination of contaminants such as sanitizing, fogging, and misting.

DNA Cleaning Solutions uses the latest technologies and chemicals for sanitization because we believe sanitization is the best solution for removing all dust, dirt, and contaminants. We serve modern techniques and methods to all kinds of businesses such as logistics, medical, education, freight and cargo, and all other kinds of areas that require cleaning. We believe that disinfection and mitigation of germs and bacteria have become a necessary point of focus in today’s world. Interruption due to disorganization and unclean habits can cause serious issues for any business.



Our cleaning methods such as sanitization, fogging, and misting help us to eliminate all the dust, dirt, infections, and low productivity. Sanitization is the most common and reliable method to eliminate any kind of contaminants from any specific area. The sanitization method uses efficient sanitizers and cleaners to protect the business from any loss or harm.

Fogging and Misting

Fogging is yet another ultimate and advanced method of cleaning offices and large commercial businesses. This method uses dispensation of fog from spray guns using protective kits and cloths. Fogging requires a team of cleaners to apply this method in a space. This can cause breathing issues and many other health hazards for the people present there. But we care for our customers and give services of fogging efficiently without any harm to the community. Misting is another great method that cleans the surface with clean water after misting.

We at DNA Cleaning Solutions help businesses to get a clean and healthy environment by using advanced techniques and methods set by the cleaning industry. We use all the safety measures and regulations while implementing any heavy or risky cleaning method.

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