Sanitising, Fogging and Misting

DNA Cleaning Solutions have the latest technology and chemicals to provide an all-round effective solution to Sanitising a premises, whether you are in the medical, logistic, education or in a commercial environment, we have the solution to meet your needs.

Disinfection of any area where people may come into contact with Covid-19 is key to being able to reduce and eliminate the spread of this highly infectious virus, keeping people safe and preventing business interruption.

Sanitisation with Disinfectants will be called upon to ensure the safety of staff and visitors with the current pandemic of Covid 19. The Systems we have in place will provide the perfect solution to eradicate the virus and any other bacterial or viral infection that may be present in your premise.

Our trained professionals have the expertise, experience and training to carry out the service, they will attend the site wearing the required PPE, and carry out the service in the concerned/infected areas of the premise no matter the size. Using innovative technology and chemicals tested under EN 14476 to fight off all bacteria and viruses in the area including Cornavirus, leaving your premises 100% safe for staff, including people that are hypoallergenic and animals.

DNA Cleaning Solutions will provide the right service to suit your business needs, sanitizing by misting or fogging gets into all areas, leaving a thin coated film of disinfectant on all surfaces, to effectively sanitise areas quickly and efficiently. Once complete the areas can be entered and in full use after a few hours of the service being completed.

We can carry out these services at your premises, which involves a thorough consultation and risk assessment (including coronavirus) to establish a suitable cleaning and disinfection programme tailored to your workplace.