Warehouse/Factory Cleaning

No matter which production or manufacturing factory or warehouse line you own, we promise to give you exceptional cleaning services.

Warehouse and factory cleaning is something that requires hundreds of considerations and millions of germs to remove. Warehouses and factories are fully loaded with stock. We at DNA Cleaning Solutions help customers get warehouse and factory cleaning in London or wherever their factory is locate in the United Kingdom. As well as we understand the value and cost of heavy machinery place at your factory. We also understand the value of the time of your factory workers.

DNA Cleaning Solution does not let the factory work get disturb and workers get distract from their daily routine tasks. We offer warehouse cleaning in London and wherever else your warehouse is locate in the United Kingdom.

Warehouse & factory Cleaning

Why Factory Cleaning is Important?

Factory and warehouse cleaning ensures the production of good quality and highly efficient products. We understand that dirt, dust, and mismanagement in a factory or warehouse can reduce the quality, and efficiency and increase costs. We can help you to increase productivity and reduce poor environmental impact. A clean and healthy environment in a factory or warehouse ensures the health and safety of workers and customers. We understand that dirty and contaminated production areas of anything can cause illness and diseases. A dirty production area or factory can cause poor working of machinery and employees. Such issues can lead you to face loss and missed deadlines. We know that regular cleaning of the factory and warehouse or production areas can increase the lifespan of machinery.

We have Expert Factory Cleaners

Our cleaning team is trained to use specially designed equipment and tools without affecting the routine of factory work and machinery in the warehouse. We use efficient cleaning methods and chemicals with a guarantee to increase the productivity of your employees and the production of goods. Warehouse cleaning is not a simple and small task, this requires proper planning and implementation. Our team of janitors and supervisors assigned to them designed a plan of tasks and methods required for warehouse cleaning. There are various methods that are adopt by DNA Cleaning Solutions for factory or warehouse cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting, and washing. We care for the cost and value of heavy machinery and equipment used for manufacturing or production in factories. That is why our expert cleaners are train to give trustworthy and promising services of cleaning without any damage to the essentials of the factory.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do the cleaners clean the heavy machinery and electronics of a factory or warehouse?

We have expert and train cleaners who are experience with their specific skill sets. We train them to ensure the safety of the equipment and tools of a factory.  They clean everything with full care and consideration.

  1. What insurance do you provide if any property of the factory gets damaged by the cleaners?

We provide guarantee and insurance policies for the safety of our workers and your belongings. Our janitors work carefully but in case of any damage to any of the property of the warehouse, we provide full support and insurance to our customers and help them bear the loss.

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