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Freight and Airside Cargo

Whether you are managing an airport or cargo side business we give efficient and sustainable cleaning services.

DNA Cleaning Solutions has vast experience in cleaning freight and airside cargo industry. We are determined this sector with passion and careful thought. Because we know that freight and airside cargo cleaning requires extra care and attention. We understand that it requires high-security measures. We use excellent processes for cleaning and meeting the needs of the organization. We ensure clean airports and other automobile industries according to the rules set by the governing bodies and TSA/DFT.

Trained Staff for Freight and Airside Cargo

DNA Cleaning Solutions has highly qualified and trained staff for cleaning freight, airside cargo, and other transportation industries. We use good quality and efficient cleaning products along with advanced techniques and methods. We do not disturb the daily routine tasks and operations of the industry. Our staff uses hygienic and preventive materials because we understand that airports are the busiest places.

Our staff is certified and trained with their skills to work in the freight and airside cargo industry. We follow special training policies to train staff for this cleaning. The staff is divided to clean washrooms, carpets, windows, facades, and floors. All staff members are assigned duties depending on their specific skills and expertise.

DNA Cleaning Solutions is experienced and professional in high-level cleaning and deep cleaning required at airports and other transportation industries. Proper and regular cleaning routines help industries stand out efficiently in quality control systems and auditing. The supervisors and area managers assigned to the team of janitors give fortnightly visits and they are trained to inspect every detail with full care and attention.

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