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Total Facilities Management.

DNA Cleaning Solutions has vast experience in cleaning freight and airside cargo industry. We are determined this sector with passion and careful thought. Because we know that freight and airside cargo cleaning requires extra care and attention. We understand that it requires high-security measures. We use excellent processes for cleaning and meeting the needs of the organization. We ensure clean airports and other automobile industries according to the rules set by the governing bodies and TSA/DFT.

DNA Cleaning Solutions follows strict training policies and regulations set by the trainers and follows the accreditations of working on-site and commencing work.


Facilities Management

DNA Cleaning Solutions is available for giving cleaning services to all businesses which helps them to boost up and increase productivity.

We maintain high standards of services and manage our resources efficiently.

Our extensive range of cleaning services is as follows:

  • Office cleaning.
  • Grounds maintenance.
  • Window and facade cleaning.
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning.
  • Site audits to evaluate your needs.
  • Washroom management & consumables.
  • We clean floors using good quality cleaners.
  • Deep cleaning & high-level industrial cleaning.

Facilities Management and Maintenance Services

We work according to proper planning and implement all maintenance strategies for cleaning any type of business or industry. Our staff is proficient and expert in finding damages, we also have expert technicians to fix damages.

Our staff follows strict health and safety procedures. We are a hardworking team to avoid any disruption in the daily operations of the business. We use preventive planning to carry out our routine cleaning.

We care for the routine work of employees there and the aspects required for cleaning that particular business. We help you to focus more on driving your business forward.

We make sure:

To hire friendly, meticulous, and reliable staff

Gove customized services depending upon the needs and requirements of clients

Promise to give market competitive and cost-effective services

Excellent communication with our clients.

Promise to give attention to every detail

High-Level Cleaning

DNA Cleaning Solutions is known as a high-level and expert cleaning company in the industry. We use premium services for cleaning any commercial business focusing on high standards and market-competitive rates.

We train our staff to use special tools and techniques that are used for advanced cleaning services.

We promise to understand the needs of any business and the demands of customers ever since we started giving cleaning services. Our company stands unique and premium among many other local cleaning companies.

We guarantee to;

  • Use advanced tools and equipment for giving high-level cleaning services.
  • Work on your given time when your business does not face any disruption in operations.
  • Provide highly-trained and excellent staff
  • Ensure 100% positive feedback and customer satisfaction rate
  • Promise to complete cleaning on the given deadline.

Here is a list of our comprehensive cleaning services:

Waste disposal.

Locker room cleaning.

Wash station cleaning.

Production line and area cleaning.

Racking and shelving cleaning.

Highly trained and skilled industry expert cleaners.

Advanced Customer Service for 100% Satisfaction

Strict adherence to all occupational health and safety rules.

Proficient delivery of cleaning to complete our tasks to schedule and budget.

Cleaning of ducts, conduits, crane tracks, roof areas, light fittings and skylights.

We are trained to give advanced cleaning that suits your business and commercial needs:

Full insurance to staff and customers

Services designed to meet the needs of customers and their businesses

How We Work at Heights

We use advanced cleaning tools and techniques such as the AHS-8 W Scissor Lift Access Platform, which is a self-propelled electric scissor access platform. This is used to increase the productivity and safety of staff. Such tools are used to maintain and install applications with firm, level surfaces.

These are used to work at height maintaining a low noise level. The electric scissor lift access platform increases the work capacity and maximizes the platform workspace. These are used to work in congested and tight areas and provide a mobile exception or maneuver to the workers.

The Benefits of our High-Level Cleaning

It ensures the well-being, productivity, and safety of staff

Protect valuable things and machinery at work

Help to maintain hygiene and high standards of cleaning

Help to increase the productivity of janitors and other staff

If you are looking for a good quality and efficient factory or any other industrial cleaning, contact us now!

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