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Office Cleaning

Depending on your needs, We help small and large businesses with our cleaning services.

Office cleaning requires to be pristine and efficient. You can get the best cleaning services in the United Kingdom and the Home Counties Operating. DNA Cleaning Solutions is a well-known cleaning service provider. We at DNA Cleaning Solutions provide office cleaning in London. Some of the services are;

  • Washroom cleaning
  • Technology cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Trash Removing 

We at DNA Cleaning Solutions help you get a clean and healthy environment affecting your productivity. Daily office cleaning in Slough or wherever you live in the United Kingdom is deep cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and window cleaning. These are provided on a high level considering cleaning an important aspect of equipment, accessories, and furniture in the office.

Office Cleaning

We offer customized services depending on the requirements and budget. We understand that offices need deep cleaning on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Office cleaning is important for businesses and, the good health of employees and customers. Office cleaning is beneficial in several ways.

Good Impression:

Offices demand good first impressions which results in the good productivity of employees and an increase in sales of business. The office’s external cleaning in London includes the reception area, entrance, and outer windows.


We at DNA Cleaning Solutions care for the productivity and health of employees. Deep cleaning of the office ensures a higher and more efficient productivity rate. The businesses and offices should consider the health and environment of employees an important factor. Employees feel happier and healthier in a clean workspace.


A clean and safe workplace increases the consistency of employees with work. Employees avoid taking breaks and the rate of absenteeism decreases. This helps the business to grow and expand. Employees become more regular in a clean and healthy work environment.

Our branch nearest to you will inspect your premises before giving you a proper plan and schedule of cleaning. They will understand the importance of your time and money. There are some reasons why DNA Cleaning Solutions is valuable.

  • DNA Cleaning Solutions assure quality cleaning service of your business.
  • We offer strong management and audits at frequent times.
  • We have fully vetted staff and proper checks whenever required.
  • Our cleaners offer outstanding results.
  • Our staff is highly professional and skilled who are trained to give

We only recruit highly skilled and experienced cleaners to deliver efficient cleaning services. We use hazard-free chemicals and materials. As well as we offer various services of cleaning and management with reliability, transparency, and honesty. We care for the satisfaction of clients by giving long-lasting, rewarding, and authentic services.

What makes us different from others? We have beneficial and immeasurable services. Various services we offer are;

  • Quality control measures
  • Office cleaning schedules
  • Highly trained staff (COSHH/PPE)
  • Thorough cleaning of your offices
  • Regular scheduled site inspections and audits
  • Regular communication with our supervisory staff.
  • Scheduling options to adjust to your requirements.
  • Prompt and Responsive services – 24-hour turnaround.
  • Quality products and equipment to carry out the cleaning.
  • We strictly adhere to all health and safety and are fully insured.
  • Up-to-date auditing process to comply with your required accreditations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do you ensure a germ and contaminant-free workspace?

We ensure germ-free areas by providing efficient cleaning and regular cleaning services. We use effective chemicals and cleaners that are un-harmful to health.

  1. What commercial businesses do you cover?

We cover all kinds of businesses whether small or large. We give medical cleaning, industrial cleaning, or any kind of factory or warehouse cleaning services.

  1. Do employees at DNA Cleaning Solutions take care of their safety and what measures do they adopt?

Our janitors are trained and skilled with all professional cleaning services. We provide them with training on new and updated tools, technology, and chemicals. We offer them insurance and safety in case of any injury or harm.

  1. How do you clean electronic devices and what safety measures do you use while cleaning electronics?

The electronic devices such as keyboards are supposed to have millions of germs. That is why we use excellent quality sanitizers and chemicals to clean electronic devices and computer systems. Our janitors know all the safety measures required for cleaning electrical devices and wires.

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